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Friday, March 31, 2006

March 29 Episode of Lost and The Black Light Incident

We are watching Lost here at Azureus TV 12 hours after ABC . This episode was particularly good after s2e16 IMO one of the worst eps featuring another soap opera kind of romance.

-Spoiler WARNING-

I found the map seen after Locke was trapped and lights went out and the counter reached zero.
It can be seen here at a lost fan site (with lots of theories about the signs).here

My theory : That guy in the hatch is really mysterious :). I think the 2nd season will end after his whole plot is unearthed.

waitng eagerly for next thursday...

ps. What is blacklight? This is blacklight.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Lost is the first american series that i liked since Married with Children and the only serie that i liked other than comedy based ones. I think it is very popular in USA. (no problem on p2p ing)
I watched the first 10 episodes and with this pace i will catch the original series (which is in the middle of the 2nd season) in a month or so.
So what is it? 40+ people have survived a plane crash...and so on... for more info go to here

1001 nonsense is back finally (after 3.5 months)

I am finally back. A few remarkable figures made some remarks about the return of 1001 nonsense.

Return of 1001 Nonsense was foretold in the ancient elf runes.
- Gandalf the Gray (from fellowship of the ring.)

It was not an unexpected move but...timing is not perfect.
- Michael Jordan

I fear 3 things mad arabs, the one that cannot be named and the number of nonsenses increasing slowly but steadily.
- H.P. Lovecraft

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

no more ads

I have removed ads from my page. I made next to nothing money from ads (not so popular blog :) ) and lots of stuff like "support our troops" came as links. I don't support any troops.
I am also thinking about changing my post subjects. I actually wrote just weird stuff because I thought that was all I could write about in english. Now I am thinking on writing some about current political issues at least weekly. Those posts will be italic. No pic or link, just comments. I apoligize from the beginning about the grammar mistakes, word misuses and so (english is not my mother lang.) . In addition I will continue to post weird stuff (nonsenses) happening in Turkey and World. Other stuff may pop up randomly.

Monday, October 17, 2005

I hate baby pictures!

They are on forum avatars, email forwards, blogs, walls. They are very small. Some are held inside a hand on the pictures. They are not cute, lovable, sweet... They look like pink poo. Please don't take photos of babies 'till they are 3 months old...please! If you take please don't share them. oargh

Sunday, October 16, 2005

my banner

I finally made a banner for my site! I finally designed a banner for 1001 nonsense using GIMP. Better than nothing. I would very much appreciate any comments.
It was my first use of GIMP. After crashing windows I logged on Fedora Core to write a mail. I looked at GIMP and the banner stuf came to my mind. 15 minutes and the banner is ready.

Andy Warhol? No I don't know him...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

how to use time effectively? I don't know, but here is a way to waste it!

online games...I used to play some Quake, Red Alert, Unreal, Starcraft, Diablo, MUDs vs online when I was in high school. I can't sit on a game more than an hour or so but when playing online I can't count the hours passing! I restarted playing online last year. I gave up again after 100s of wasted hours.

turks don't have the habit of paying for software. I played anarchy online during last spring and ogame during last summer a lot(by this I mean really really a lot). They are still free. Anarchy Online is a sci-fi mmorpg and ogame is a browser based strategy game. I gave up my bad habit finally but it doesn't prevent me to show you this link :p. They are there to waste your time...


Friday, October 14, 2005

If you vote for us...we will change your tyres!

the new pro-tyre party of Turkey and its leader.

In the photo he is giving a speech behind The Holy Tyre, the spiritual leader of the party.

Exorcism Students are Shivering (with Anticipation) on their First Day

From Reuters:

Everyone wants to be like a movie hero one day when he is a child. The boys who watch Exorcism can accomplish their childhood wishes in Vatican now.

It was the first day of school, so some students were understandably nervous. But then again, they were not taking just any course, but one run by a Vatican university to teach aspiring demonologists and exorcists.

"There is no doubt that the devil is intervening more in the life of man these days," Father Paolo Scarafoni told the students, most of them priests who want to learn how to tackle the demon if they should ever encounter him.

"Not all of you will become exorcists but it is indispensable that every priest knows how to discern between demonic possession and psychological problems," he said.

The four-month course, called "Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation," is being offered for the second year by Pontifical Regina Apostolorum University on Rome's outskirts.

new template

Today I looked for a 3 colums template instead of the standart 2 column ones. Thanks to Thur's Templates I have a neat looking 3 column template now. It has all the features I want. It is simple, easy to customize. Cool and even I (considering I am a beginner in these web issues) can understand the basics of it and the most important of it it uses the screen more effectively.

cheers to Thur Broeders!